Pure, Raw Manuka Honey

From the mountains and valleys of New Zealand

Manuka honey is one of the rarest, most valuable types of honey in the world. The New Zealand islands with their untouched, rugged landscape are the only place in the world where Manuka tea tree shrubs thrive, giving the honey its unique properties.

Manuka Honey MGO100

Perfect for:
- cold & hot drinks 
- treating all kinds of skin irritations
- treating smaller wounds

With amethylglyoxal (MGO) concentration of 100 mg/kg , the silver edition is the introductory product in the range of active Manuka honeys. It soothes particularly irritated and dry skin & alleviates dandruff andeczema.


Manuka Honey MGO250

Perfect for:
- combating colds
- treating a sore throat
- helping recovery after exercise
- and all benefits from lower MGO concentrations

Delicious with teas, this honey not only provides an intense flavor, but also helps with colds and mucus. As an allrounder, a teaspoon in the morning and evening, will serve as a great prophylactic treatment to inhibit bacteria and viruses from infecting the respiratory system. For best results Manuka honey MGO 250 is preferably enjoyed purely and directly from the teaspoon.


Manuka Honey MGO400

Perfect for:

- fighting bad gut bacteria
- combating colds
- treating a sore throat
- helping fast recovery after work out
- contributing to weight loss goals

Appreciated by experts and feared by germs. This unique purity from Wairarapa, New Zealand offers a wide range of beneficial uses. Its relatively high concentration of MGO also makes it good for internal use. It owes its notoriety and aggressive, black colour to this property.

The certified methylglyoxal concentration is 436 mg/kg makes this honey an extraordinary strong Manuka Honey. Unadulterated, unencumbered it offers over 85% manuka flowers.


Manuka Honey MGO800

Perfect for:

- maximizing Manuka Honey's countless health benefits 
- true Manuka Honey enthusiasts

Only around 10 percent of Manuka honey reaches such extraordinary potency. It's smooth, soft texture is accompanied by gentle notes of caramel and a slightly herbal finish. A full-bodied and active honey like no other. With a certified methylglyoxal concentration of over 800 milligrams per kilogram, this variety is a real rarity.



Madhu Manuka Honey MGO400 in a 250g jar

Benefits of Manuka Honey

Apart from its excellent and unique taste, Manuka honey provides health benefits attributed to no other type of honey. These properties are granted by the Manuka bush flower, only domestic to New Zealand. Countless studies have been undertaken and revealed the unique benefits of consuming and applying Manuka honey.

Amongst those is the ability to effectively combat inflammations, sore throats and has been proven to be an effective natural remedy to fight bad gut bacterias. Studies suggest also Manuka honey's effectiveness to boost the immune system and reduce the probability of bacterial and viral infections such as the influensa virus. Furthermore, the honey is used to cure all sorts of skin irritations and as an alternative wound treatment option.

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From the Manuka Bush

The unique habitat found only in New Zealand's Wairarapa region, is where the Manuka tea tree bush grows and thrives. The region is characterized by inaccessible cliffs close to the ocean, dry and barren soil, and an ever-changing climate. The New Zealand native Maori have known and appreciated the beneficial properties from the Manuka Bush's leaves, bark, seeds and roots for centuries.

However, it is not before the year 1980 that Professor Peter Molan discovered the unique anti-bacterial properties of New Zealand honey, surpassing all types of other honey. The unique properties were traced back to the Manuka Tree, thus marking the birth of "Manuka Honey"

Manuka honey bush flower
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Our quality promise - Pure Manuka honey

Madhu Manuka honey guarantees complete traceability of each jar of honey, meaning that the origin of every single jar can be traced back to the corresponding field in New Zealand. This means Madhu Honey delivers real, pure and raw Manuka honey and can also prove it.

Madhu Manuka honey is jarred in Germany only using high quality recyclable glass. In order to ensure and safeguard the quality of Madhu Manuka honey, it undergoes extensive testing procedures in independent laboratories in New Zealand and Germany. Madhu honey is always free from glyphosate and other residues.

Madhu Honey's Vision

Behind Madhu Honey lies a team of passionate beekeepers and people who want to make the world a better place, who see great value in bee-related services and products for humans. At a time when species are dying out, deforestation is taking place to favour monocultures, petroleum products are found in the countryside and multi-resistant germs are spreading, our attention is turning to the bees.

In many cultural circles, honey is still celebrated as one of nature’s most valuable products. This appreciation of Manuka has been reinterpreted and ignited in the western world. We would like to preserve this and focus on the bees. In doing so, we are all performing a good deed: for the bees, nature and humankind.

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