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Dear Honey Enthusiast,

SuperfoodsNorth proudly represents the Premium Manuka Honey Brand Madhu in the Nordics. We are happy to present a wonderful collection of Manuka Honey to you. Madhu Manuka honey is shipped directly from the source in New Zealand to Germany, where it is jarred and labeled. It is then imported directly from Germany to Norway.

Our honey is genuine, pure and raw Manuka honey, where every glass can be traced back to the corresponding field in New Zealand. The brand Madhu honey prides itself for its commitment to sustainability by using recyclable packaging such as glass and preserving one of the worlds most important species, the honey bee. 

Madhu Manuka honey founder

Madhu Manuka Honey's Vision

Behind Madhu Honey lies a team of passionate beekeepers and people who want to make the world a better place, who see great value in bee-related services and products for humans. At a time when species are dying out, deforestation is taking place to favour monocultures, petroleum products are found in the countryside and multi-resistant germs are spreading, our attention is turning to the bees.

In many cultural circles, honey is still celebrated as one of nature’s most valuable products. This appreciation of Manuka has been reinterpreted and ignited in the western world.We would like to preserve this and focus on the bees. In doing so, we are all performing a good deed: for the bees, nature and humankind.


The unique habitat found  only in New Zealand's Wairarapa region, is where the Manuka tea tree bush grows and thrives. The region is characterized by inaccessible cliffs close to the ocean, dry and barren soil, and an ever-changing climate. The New Zealand native Maori have known and appreciated the beneficial properties from the Manuka Bush's leaves, bark, seeds and roots for centuries. Tracing the unique properties of Manuka Honey back to the Manuka Tree, marked the birth of "Manuka Honey".

»When the wind is just right, stirring up the slightly tangy, delicate scent of the Manuka flowers and the beekeepers’ gaze can wander down to the coast; that‘s when you understand what a unique, mystical place this is where the bees collect nectar for our Manuka honey along with the wonders of nature that take place here.«

Matthew “Madhu” Pettersson, Managing Director of Madhu Honey

Wairarapa region New Zealand where Manuka Honey comes from
Madhu Manuka Honey MGO400 in a 250g jar

The Madhu Manuka honey promise

The quality and origin of our Manuka honey is atop priority for us. For this reason, we only use honey from selected beekeepers. We know these beekeepers in person and they have worked professionally with us for years.

What‘s more, our founder, Matthew “Madhu” Pettersson, supported the New Zealand honey harvest for several seasons. This means we are extremely familiar with and understand the needs and challenges of our partners based there. This wealth of experience allows us not only to maintain close relationships with New Zealand, but also forms the basis for a trustworthy collaboration and a common view of the future.

Tradition and Passion

Working with bees is difficult but honest work.It involves a genuine craft combined with lots of lifeblood and passion which is passed on from generation to generation in traditional beekeeping families.

The motivation of New Zealand‘s beekeepers remains the same as always: to protect the bee population and obtain the best possible Manuka honey.

We are privileged to work with well- established companies with a wealth of experience. However, we are also open to supporting new beekeepers and investing in technological advancements.

Madhu Manuka Honey Founders
Madhu Manuka Honey Founder and beekeeper

Beekeepers in tune with nature

The wellbeing and health of the bees is a top priority for us and our beekeepers in New Zealand. Together, we do everything to ensure the survival of this protected species and safeguard it against harmful environmental influences.

Our beekeepers are in tune with nature, which also means that bee colonies are only set up in Manuka regions where there is a sufficient source of food for them. This means that sites are not over- populated. Only in this way can we ensure that Manuka honey maintains its excellent quality.

A few final words

We are living in turbulent times. For the first time in a century, life expectancy is decreasing in developed industrial nations. However, we are convinced that these unusual times will drive the trend towards a practical and conscientious diet. 

The demand for products which help boost the immune system led to record sales in the first half of 2020. This is because more people are understanding that responsibility for their health does not lie with the family doctor, but with themselves.

Over the past few years, we have constantly adapted and expanded our Madhu Honey range. The result is a successful, broad range that caters for a wide variety of tastes and preferences. For example, our small 50- and 150-gram jars have paved the way for increasing the popularity of Manuka honey and reaching new consumers

Despite cuts in the retail industry and the increasing popularity of the online market - particularly during times of self-isolation - we will continue to focus on offline sales in Norway. After all, honey is a sensual product. You need to hold it in your hand, feel its weight and admire its mysterious glow. There is so much more to a jar of honey than can be seen in a photo.

Now you know everything behind the slogan.

“Madhu Pure Raw Honey”.

A whole world and entire way of life.

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